When applying the IDEXX brand visual elements to clothing or novelty items, ensure it is consistently and professionally represented.

  • Choose items that align with the integrity and high quality of the brand.
  • Only use approved logo, iconography, wordmarks, or artwork files.
  • Adhere to logo sizing, clearance areas, and placement rules as closely as possible.
  • Use only approved typeface and colors.
  • Use the logo only in corporate colors (PMS Cool Gray 7 and PMS Warm Red), white, or black (see logo guidelines).

Incorrect use

Do not:

  • Create any type of logo treatment for an IDEXX event, product, or portfolio of products. (Refer to the Wordmarks section for appropriate guidance.)
  • Select items that inappropriate (e.g., alcohol) and do not that do not align with the company image.
  • Use a typeface other than Swiss 721.
  • Use the logo in any other color than what is approved.
  • Rotate the logo in any way.