Circles of innovation specifications and usage

This distinctive pattern of circles suggests information, technology, energy, and motion. This unique element makes the IDEXX visual identity recognizable and distinctive.

We avoid using circles of innovation when designing for the web to maintain clean design with responsive screens. Application of the circles of innovation is not required on every design. But when applying them, to maintain a consistent look, follow these best practices.

  • Circles of innovation width equals the width of “EXX” of the logo. (Logo size is determined with this formula: [page width + page height] ÷ 12.)
  • Placement of circles of innovation should be one “I” space away from the edge of the page, as determined by proper logo size.
  • Because the pattern contains multiple transparencies, do not use if the medium will not allow for high-quality reproduction (e.g., fax, pad printing).
  • Use the circles of innovation as an introductory element.
  • Always apply the circles of innovation vertically spanning the full height of the artboard or distinct area. Exceptions to this should be approved by Brand Communications.
  • Use only the white version of the circles of innovation on the front of a piece of collateral.
  • Use only the white version of the circles of innovation over photography.
  • Do not place text over the circles of innovation.
  • The only time the circles of innovation appear in (their business) color is on the back of large- and medium-sized brochures and never over photography.