Email can reflect the tone of an organization just as much as your business card or other communication and is an important part of the brand identity. When representing IDEXX, set a simple, modern, intuitive signature.

Personalizing your signature

  • Your name
    When applicable, add professional credentials after your name, e.g., Jane Doe, DVM, PhD.
  • Position title and organizational unit
  • The company name and mailing address
    We recommend spelling out states and provinces (versus two-letter state abbreviations).
  • Phone numbers
    The number(s) at which you prefer to be reached, divided by hyphens.
  • Additional keys to personalizing your signature
    Your phone numbers should be preceded by one of the following abbreviations:
    o.        Office number
    m.       Mobile number
    f.         Fax number, if needed
    o./f.    When office and fax number are the same
  • Customer Support and Sales
    Note: When listing an 800 number, proceed with “1-” (i.e., 1-800-xxx-xxxx). Add region alignment if appropriate after your organizational unit. For example: CAG Inside Sales Center Northeast Region. If you are a member of the Sales organization and additional language would be helpful to direct people to order, consider adding the following as a third line: To place an order, please call 1-800-xxx-IDEXX (xxxxx) or visit idexx.com/order.
  • Link here for Livestock, Poultry and Dairy specific guidelines