Circle of focus specifications and usage

The circle of focus is designed to differentiate IDEXX photography from competitors and other advertisers in the pet health category. Images placed within the circle—typically, pets, people, and livestock—are our focus.


  • The size of the circle of focus on any given piece is a mathematical figure of
    page height + page width = circle diameter. For example, the size of a logo width on an 8.5″ × 11″ sell sheet would be: 8.5″ + 11″ = 19.5″ diameter circle of focus. The position of the circle of focus on a page is flexible based on content and other design factors.
  • Use the circle of focus as a holding device for photography or color.
  • Use it prominently on all print covers and in interior print layouts.
  • The circle of focus should not be used if it will detract from the overall impact of the piece.
  • The circle of focus is not well suited for small digital or print advertisements/collateral.