IDEXX Water Academy

The IDEXX Water Academy is a learning resource for IDEXX Water customers. Brand guidelines for using the IDEXX Water wordmark are detailed below.

  • Clear zone
    A minimum amount of clear space (free of text and graphics) equal to the height of the “I” in “IDEXX” must surround the wordmark.
  • Minimum size
    Print: Minimum width: 1.25″ (32 mm)
    Digital media: Minimum width: 120 px

  • Colors
    Our wordmarks are available in PMS Cool Gray 7, White, and Black.
  • When the wordmark appears in written copy, it should follow the same typeface, style, and color as the rest of the text. IDEXX should appear in all uppercase letters.

Never do this

  • Create logos for courses or training programs. Other subbrands generally detract from the IDEXX brand.

  • Use the IDEXX logo within the name.

  • Repeat “IDEXX” within close proximity of the IDEXX logo.

  • Use a tagline with the name.

  • Convert the wordmark directly from CMYK to RGB in design software.



  • Use IDEXX Water’s color palette on applications for easy identification.
  • For tradeshow artworks, please contact the IDEXX Learning Center Tradeshow team.